The popularity of Bejeweled Blitz can not be denied as it rolls in every corner of life from hot online arcades to cool office buildings. Bejeweled Blitz gamers pay gamers of all ages, gamers.


The difference of the game is that each board only takes place within a minute. Perhaps the company wants to “pull” gamers to buy their game when playing time is not “hand”.

To get a high score within 1 minute you need to have many gold to create big explosions. So be born to hack Bejeweled Blitz gold, or have other players also hacked Bejeweled Blitz coins.

Want to hack Bejeweled Blitz gold? or Coins? Check out our tutorial below.

How to hack Bejeweled Blitz Coins and Gold?


First, you need to visit with your mobile. Search “Bejeweled Blitz” and visit this article.

The big red “HACK NOW” button in this post contains the link hacking Bejeweled Blitz coins and gold, click on it to open the link. Then fill in Username, Platform and select the level of resources you want to hack. Then press “HACK SERVER 1”.


Wait for the system to receive your hack request, a message will be sent to you, press “VERIFY NOW”

Phone screen switch to show apps support hack Bejeweled Blitz, you need to download at least 2 apps on the machine: Press “FREE” next to the app you want to download, then click “TAP TO INSTALL”.



hack-bejeweled-blitz-coins-and-spins-3 hack-bejeweled-blitz-coins-and-spins-4

Download 2 apps, you need to go to each app and complete the experience as instructed.

Here you have completed the steps to hack Bejeweled Blitz then. Now go to the game and check your spike resources!

The video below will show you how to make a total hack Bejeweled Blitz, see the clip and follow if you have difficulty with the steps above offline!

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