Initially, Dofus Touch would require the player to create a new character for himself. The game has 15 characters to choose from and unlock such as Iop, Eniripsa, Sadida, Osamodas, Feca, Enutrof or Xelor, etc. Each character in the game possesses the power and design. Separate is used depending on the situation to tanker, support, or attack.

In addition, players can customize their characters from costume, skin color, accessories, hair and face. Once you are satisfied with your favorite character, the player can join in the game world.

Maximum level in the DOFUS Touch is 200, but to reach this level, players have to spend a lot of effort, time or even cost. Not only the rich character of the game, but also bring a lot of monsters of all kinds waiting for you to discover and destroy. These monsters appear in many caves scattered around the map.

Do you want to hack Dofus Touch Goultines and Kamas?

I think your answer is definitely yes. You can own unlimited Goultines and Kamas why not want. And do not think this is difficult. Very simple, follow the instructions of hackgameplus offline!

– First, you need to access this article with your smartphone: go to then search “Dofus Touch”. Then click on the article “HOW TO HACK DOUBLE TOUCH GOULINES AND KAMAS FOR FREE, UNLIMITED?”.

  • Find the “HACK NOW” button in the post. click to open link hack. 

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  • Enter username, platform and choose the level Goultines and Kamas want to hack. Finally press “HACK SERVER 1”.
  • Wait a moment, the system sends a message, press “VERIFY NOW”.
  • Phone screen turns tap, you need to download 2 of the apps displayed: Press “FREE” then press “TAP TO INSTALL”.

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  • Download 2 apps, you remember to re-app each and complete the experience under the instructions offline.

Okay! You have done the Dofus Touch Goultines and Kamas. Please return to the game and check your account.

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