Although one of the games are “easy to play, addictive”, but Smash Hit still owns a 3D interface extremely eye-catching and impressive. Users can also adjust the graphical quality, select the screenplay and view their achievements statistics at the game’s main screen.


With Smash Hit, the player’s task is to use the balls to extend their journey. You can open your way by breaking down barriers or activating buttons to open the door … The help items for the journey of the player will also be randomly along the way (such as Green pyramids increase the amount of ball or green ball with the ability to fire a large amount of ball in a certain time. The game ends when the player uses up his ball.

Smash Hit now owns 50 screens with 11 totally different design styles that make the player feel uninterested. The physical system in Smash Hits is also quite good at describing the balls of each ball or the broken glass when thrown into the ball. Another highlight of the game is the sound system. Mediorce is very sophisticated in choosing game music to match the tempo of each stage in the game.

The steps to hack Smash Hit Balls?


You will not believe that you can do it so easily. Follow the instructions below.

  • Use your mobile phone to access the website. Search “Smash Hit” on the bar and go to this article.
  • There is a red, large “HACK NOW” button and a very eye catching top. Click it.

hack-smash-hit-balls-1 hack-smash-hit-balls-2

  • Did you notice the change on the screen? Yes, we need to know the Username, Platform and Balls you want to hack. Enter immediately and click “HACK (SERVER 1)” so we can move on to the next step.
  • Waiting for the system to confirm your request will be sent to a message, press “VERIFY NOW”
  • Get 2 free apps now by clicking “FREE” next to the apps you want to download.
  • Switch interface, click “TAP TO INSTALL” as soon as you see it.

hack-smash-hit-balls-3 hack-smash-hit-balls-4

  • Go back to the Smash Hit game to check out the proper amount of Balls.

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