With The Sims Mobile, players can recreate their entire lives in a virtual world where they can do whatever they like.


You can customize your hobbies, learn new skills, party all day and build your dream home with your husband / wife who only dreamed of seeing. You can also connect online with other players and invite them to visit your home in real time.

In order to be able to design your dream life, it is best to have lots of coins and cash. And we offer you a completely free solution

Steps to hack The Sims Mobile cash and coins


Step 1: Access this article with your smartphone: Go to then search “The Sims Mobile”.

Step 2: In this post there is a red “HACK NOW” button. Click on it, a popup form will appear.

Step 3: Fill in the form including Username in the game, Platform, Cash, Coins. In “cash” and “coins” you choose the number you want to hack. Then click “HACK (SERVER 1)”.

Step 4: Wait for the tool to run the encoding, a message appears and you press “VERIFY NOW”.
hack-the-sims-mobile-cash-and-coins-3 hack-the-sims-mobile-cash-and-coins-4

Step 5: Another interface shows up, there are apps that help hack the sim mobile cash and coins. You need to download at least 2 apps, then complete the app experience guide. Tap the app, then tap “Tap to Install”.

Step 6: Complete all 4 steps, you can return to the sims mobile game and enjoy the results.

If you have difficulty performing the above steps, please watch the video below!

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