PUBG Mobile is the official collaboration between PUBG Corp and Tencent Games, which will bring the PC version to the mobile version with nearly 100% successor. This is the main version of the game so players almost feel the fullness and vitality of the game as on the PC.


The appeal from the survival game title PUBG

In PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, the battle will be a lot of fun, in which up to 100 players will be taken to an open world island, where their ultimate goal is to become human. last survived. You will have the right to use some of the weapons and equipment you need in battle, but unlike other shooter types such as Shock or CSGO, it is the player who needs to buy a gun to be able to fight. Yes, in PUBG is completely different, you just need to play because all weapons, equipment .. will appear scattered throughout the map.

Since the island is an open world, players should try to find the items they need the fastest to be able to withstand more than 99 other enemies lying around them, thus creating and the unique tactics of PUBG that few games have today.

We can help you upgrade your characters by having a lot of Battle Points

So, how to hack PUBG Mobile Battle Points and UC?


If you are using a laptop to access our hackgameplus. Please pause and switch to smartphone and type PUBG Mobile search before following the steps below.

Step 1: Press “HACK NOW

hack-pubg-mobile-battle-points-and-uc-1 hack-pubg-mobile-battle-points-and-uc-2

Step 2: Enter Username, Platform, Battle Points & UC amount you want to hack corresponding in the table. Then click “HACK (SERVER 1)”.

Step 3: Next press “VERIFY NOW”

Step 4: Press “FREE” to select 2 of the apps you see. Press “TAP TO INSTALL” to complete the download. Remember to experience them.

hack-pubg-mobile-battle-points-and-uc-3 hack-pubg-mobile-battle-points-and-uc-4

Step 5: Back to PUBG Mobile, check the Battle Points change.

If you have any problems during the hack, you can click the link below for more detailed instructions. I wish you success and good luck.

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