Simcity Buildit is one of the most popular and popular games in the city building genre, The Sims marked in the eyes of players by the wonderful simulation of what goes on in life.


In the game, you will use only coins to pay for everything: construction, upgrades, shopping, etc. And this money is only due to the reward of building houses, collecting taxes, But at the first level, the gold is hard to find.

How to hack Simcity Buildit cash and coin?

hack-game-plusSimCity Builder’s extremely simple and secure hacking steps below will help you get a huge amount of cash and coins.

First, you use your smart phone to access the website:, search “Simcity Buildit” and visit this article.

hack-simcity-buildit-cash-and-coin-1 hack-simcity-buildit-cash-and-coin-2

Next, in this post there is a red “HACK NOW” button, you click and a link to fill out the information will appear. You complete the Username, Platform and the amount of cash and coins you want to hack. Finally press the “HACK (SERVER1)” button, the message will pop up “VERIFY NOW”.

Another interface opens, here are the Simcity Buildit hacking apps, you need to download at least 2 of them: Click “FREE” next to the app you want to download, then click “TAP TO INSTALL”

hack-simcity-buildit-cash-and-coin-3 hack-simcity-buildit-cash-and-coin-4
Once you have successfully downloaded the two apps, go to each app and complete the user experience.

Then complete the steps to install the Simcity Builder hack, now you can re-open Simcity Buildit game and check the amount of cash and coins soaring.

Do the steps above make it difficult for you? If so, check out our video tutorial below.


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